Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Posted by Odyssey Dental Aug 18, 2022

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If your dentist has retired or moved, you're not stuck looking for a new dentist. Even though you may have a family dentist you trust and feel comfortable with, it's never a bad idea to get a second opinion. As humans, we're susceptible to making errors and mistakes, so it's always best to make sure you're receiving the best care possible from your dental care provider. Choosing a family dentist in Peoria can offer many benefits. They include:

Personalized Care

When it comes to your family's dental care, it's important to choose a family dentist who you feel comfortable with and who has the right skills to meet each family member's needs. Our dentist in Peoria understands how important this is for many families, and they are committed to providing personalized dental care to each member of your family. He provides a wide variety of dental services for children, teens, and adults, including:

  • Dental cleanings and checkups
  • Restorative treatments like fillings and crowns
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Sleep apnea treatment to relieve snoring and help patients get more rest at night
  • Cosmetic dental treatments to enhance the smile

Same-Day Appointments

Needing to see a dentist is important, but so is being able to fit a visit into your schedule. At Odyssey Dental in Peoria, our dentists offer same-visit emergency appointments for patients who need immediate attention for a dental problem. 

Preventative Care

Regular checkups with your family dentist are an important part of preventive dental care. Seeing your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning allows them to catch potential problems early before they have the chance to develop into something more serious or more expensive to treat. For example, if the dentist finds a small cavity and treats it right away, you'll avoid needing a root canal later. Your family dentist can also help you establish a comprehensive at-home oral care routine with instructions for proper brushing and flossing techniques. By keeping your teeth healthy and strong, you can prevent the need for more extensive procedures in the future. Additionally, because your family dentist knows your full oral healthcare history, they can often spot warning signs of conditions like oral cancer before symptoms even appear.

Early Detection

Your family dentist can detect early signs of tooth decay and gum disease so these can be treated as soon as possible. It's much easier to treat these conditions in their early stages than when they're more advanced. A general dentistry appointment every six months can help to keep your oral health on track while also making sure small issues don't grow into larger ones.

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