Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Posted by ODYSSEY DENTAL Feb 12, 2023

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Family dentists treat patients of all ages, from infants to seniors. Choosing a family dentist means convenience and consistency for you and your loved ones. Here are the common benefits of choosing them:

Easier Scheduling

When you find a family dentist, you eliminate the need to go to multiple offices for checkups and cleanings. The whole family can see one provider who already knows your history and can treat everyone at the same time.

This cuts down on stress and the hassle of scheduling different appointments around each other. It also ensures that the dentist knows your entire history, so they can prevent or catch any potential problems early before they develop into something more serious.

Additionally, a family dentist is well-versed in treating children’s teeth and ensuring they’re comfortable during procedures. This helps to prevent anxiety in children and builds up their trust in the dental care office so that they’ll be more likely to return for regular visits.


Since your dentist already has your records, you don’t have to fill out new patient paperwork at every visit. You can simply sign in when you arrive for your scheduled appointment.

This saves time and makes your visits to the dentist more pleasant overall. It can also help you feel more at ease as you get to know the dentist and the staff since you’ll already be familiar with them by the time you need specific treatments.

A More Personal Experience

Having a family dentist means one less dentist office you need to visit, and that saves time and stress. It also means that your kids probably feel more comfortable going to the dentist because they don’t see a new face at every appointment. Plus, having the whole family’s dental care in one dental office makes billing easier and less confusing.

Your kids will grow up with the same people they regularly see at your family dentist’s office, so they’ll feel like they’re visiting friends when they come in for their appointments. That helps encourage them to keep up with their oral hygiene because they know that friendly dentists and hygienists will keep encouraging them even when they are young.

Extensive Dental Work

And if your loved one needs more extensive dental work like dental implants or a root canal, having a family dentist means they have a dentist that they already know and trust to help them through those procedures. Having that familiarity can help ease fears and make the procedure go more smoothly.

Know Medical History

Plus, a family dentist knows your family’s medical history, so it’s easier for your dentist to see any connections or patterns between your oral health and your general health. This can lead to better treatment plans for your overall wellness, depending on what they find.

Early Diagnosis of Oral Health Issues

When families visit a family dentist, they benefit from the early detection and diagnosis of oral health issues. For example, if a child has asthma or another medical condition that makes breathing more difficult while sleeping at night, snoring may be a problem. Since family dentists treat people of all ages, they can look for signs of sleep apnea or other conditions that may cause snoring and treat the issue before it causes more severe problems in the future.

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