Root Canal in Peoria, AZ

Root Canal in Peoria, AZ

Root Canal 

Root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy, is necessary when the pulp is damaged or diseased. The pulp extends from the crown of the tooth to the root and contains soft tissue. When it becomes infected, it can often cause pain and swelling. At Odyssey Dental in Peoria, AZ, our dentist during root canal treatment removes all infections from the tooth, which relieves your pain and helps prevent future infections.

When Are Root Canal Procedures Necessary?

Root canal procedures are necessary when the tooth has become infected. The infection can be caused by several circumstances.

  • A crack, chip, or fracture: The crack or chip comprises the protective outer layer of your tooth. This layer, known as enamel, protects the sensitive inner soft tissues of your tooth from bacteria. A crack or chip can allow bacteria to enter the inner soft tissues of the tooth, leading to an infection.

  • A cavity is a hole in your tooth that exposes the sensitive inner soft tissues. Cavities are a common cause of tooth decay and if left untreated can destroy the sensitive tissues of your tooth, leading to an infection.

  • A failed root canal: A root canal procedure can help save a diseased tooth. In some cases, however, the root canal fails. This can happen if the infection is too severe, or if the root canal is not completed properly. Once the root canal fails, the tooth is at risk for infection and may need to be extracted.

How Is the Root Canal Procedure Performed?

Your dentist will first numb the area to minimize any discomfort. An opening will then be made on the chewing surface of the tooth. Using small files, your dentist in Peoria, AZ will work to remove the diseased tissue from your tooth.

Once the tooth and its roots are clean, your dentist will place a temporary filling. Your dentist will then place a permanent crown on the tooth. Your tooth is now protected from future damage.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatments

The root canal procedure allows your dentist to save an infected tooth by removing the inflamed or infected pulp within it. Once the infected pulp is removed, your dentist will clean and sterilize the root canal and then seal it to prevent further infection. The following are some of the advantages of a root canal procedure:

Permanent Solution

Root canal treatment provides a permanent solution that can save your tooth from extraction. After your root canal procedure, a tooth will no longer be susceptible to infection or decay. 

Improvements to Your Teeth and Smile

A root canal can improve the health of your teeth and your smile. This procedure helps remove the infection, alleviate the pain, and restore your tooth. A root canal can also prevent the need for tooth extraction since the treatment removes the problem and keeps the infected tooth in place.

Although some patients are afraid of root canal treatment, the procedure is no more painful than getting a dental filling. Patients report feeling much better and no longer feeling pain after a root canal.

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